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Peter Roussel

Peter Roussel / Pottery by Peter “Each piece becomes a blank canvas and each surface treatment becomes unique unto itself.” – Peter Roussel  Peter’s pottery is handcrafted using alternative firing techniques to finish all his pottery.  Just like in nature, Peter produces pieces that truly display a range of light to dark rich blues using …

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Helen Sanderson

Helen Sanderson / Horse Creek Jewelry “My hope is to pass on a memento handmade with postive energy and love, to make you smile and feel joy.” – Helen Sanderson  Helen’s jewelry is handcrafted in recycled and reclaimed gold, silver and natural gemstones. Meticulously create by hand with heart, soul, love and good energy here …

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Sara Krempel

Sara Krempel For over 45 years, Sara has been working in non-ferrous metals. Her fascination with metal working continues because the number of techniques and the combinations of techniques for working with metal is an endless exploration. Sara Krempel is professor emeritus at Central Oregon Community College where she taught jewelry/metalwork, ceramics and three-dimensional basic …

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Alisa Looney

Alisa Looney Best known for her award winning outdoor sculptures, Alisa Looney has exhibited in the U.S. and Canada. Her work is in a multitude of private and public collections, including Maryhill Museum of Art in Goldendale, WA, and several U.S. cities in the Northwestern states of Oregon, Idaho and Washington. She expresses her ideas …

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Joe von Heideken

Joe von Heideken Joe’s journey into woodworking all started on a cold, rainy Northern California afternoon many years ago. Scouting an out of the way beach that was littered with cool shells, rocks and of course driftwood. Fast forward several years – cutting into one of the pieces driftwood revealed a beautiful piece of redwood …

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Rita Dunlavy

Rita Dunlavy Rita’s fascination with mosaics came from a need to provide decorative pots for plants sold in her specimen plant nursery in the early 1990’s. Her work has moved through many phases enveloping decorative interior design using ceramic and porcelain tiles to garden furniture and traditional three dimensional sculptures.  Her introduction and interest in …

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