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Diane Rodriguez– Fabric Arts

Diane Rodriguez

Diane Rodriguez Diane Rodriguez finds her inspiration from travel, nature, shapes & textures, as she imagines how she can use elements of needlework to create original pieces. The materials & techniques involved compel her to express her imaginative and boho style self. Seeking out fabrics varying in color, texture, print, design, and origin she brings […]

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Denise Harrison - Jewelry

Denise Harrison

Denise Harrison / Sterling Echoes Denise Harrison specializes in creating unique and custom-made fine jewelry pieces using high-quality materials such as sterling silver, gold, diamonds, and gemstones that capture and preserve memories. Her creative process involves transforming inspiration from photographs, drawings, or even everyday objects like a glass of beer into wearable pieces of art.

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Mary Moore - Ceramics

Mary Moore

Mary Moore Mary’s ceramic figures are focused on a progression of ideas based on childhood memories of myths and fairytales. She feels those old stories are universal and reveal parts of ourselves. Her ceramic work primarily uses underglazes and washes to obtain the desired colors and effects. Many of her pieces are embellished using a

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Tammy McCullough - Fiber Arts

Tammy McCullough

Tammy McCullough / Chickadee Creations by Tammy Tammy’s inspiration transpires from living in Central Oregon with its diverse animal population (wild and domesticated). She loves the beauty, joy, and humor of our furry/feathered friends. “I am a woolgatherer. My artistry is an expression of heart and nature singing a duet. ” – Tammy McCullough Working

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Mike Putnam - Photography

Mike Putnam (Mike Putnam Photography)

Mike Putnam /Mike Putnam Photography Landscape photographer, Mike Putnam and his wife Debbie moved to the beautiful Central Oregon town of Bend shortly after their completion of graduate school. Their move to Bend was largely influenced by the stunning natural scenery in the Central Oregon area. Glacier-covered mountains, alpine lakes, old-growth forests, pristine rivers, and

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Tyler Haas - Jewelry

Tyler Haas

Tyler Haas / Tyler Haas Designs Tyler’s jewelry is inspired by fantasy elven style as well as the swirling lines of calligraphy. He hand forms and solders sterling silver and 14k gold fill into visually stunning pieces of wearable art that show off the natural beauty of the stones they harbor. His aim is to

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Sara Krempel – Jewelry

Sara Krempel

Sara Krempel For over 45 years, Sara has been working in non-ferrous metals. Her fascination with metal working continues because the number of techniques and the combinations of techniques for working with metal is an endless exploration. Sara Krempel is professor emeritus at Central Oregon Community College where she taught jewelry/metalwork, ceramics and three-dimensional basic

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