Tyler Haas / Tyler Haas Designs

Tyler’s jewelry is inspired by fantasy elven style as well as the swirling lines of calligraphy. He hand forms and solders sterling silver and 14k gold fill into visually stunning pieces of wearable art that show off the natural beauty of the stones they harbor. His aim is to exquisitely complement the natural curves of the collarbone, hand, and jawline.

Tyler Haas

Tyler Haas / Tyler Haas Designs

More About Me

Tyler designs and creates artisan jewelry using precious metals and gemstones from around the world. He sculpts silver and gold in beautiful and unique ways to show off the natural beauty of the stones he works with. His designs are rooted in fantasy and art nouveau fashion. Tyler draws inspiration from Lord of the Rings Elven style as well as the smooth flowing lines of Japanese calligraphy. All of his designs are striking and unique pieces of wearable art.

Tyler began creating jewelry at a young age and what started as a hobby became a profession. He graduated from the University of Oregon in 2012. After several years of traveling the world, he settled down in Bend, Oregon where he has been making jewelry professionally since 2015.

While Tyler has worked for and learned from many high-end jewelers, his true passion is jewelry design. He began his own company in order to create his own unique jewelry designs. Tyler Haas Designs has thrived as Tyler pushes the limits of jewelry design each day with new and artistic designs.