Category for Ceramic Art

Pamela Louis

Pamela Louis Pamela Louis uses a technique called Sgraffito which is Italian for “to scratch”.  Each piece is glazed and then she intricately scratches patterns and shapes to create a detailed and beautiful effect using a variety of color combinations.  Her influence is guided by decades of meditation practice and she considers throwing pots on …

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Dori Kite

Dori Kite Dori makes both decorative and functional ceramics and enjoys both wheel throwing and hand building techniques.  Choosing the forming method that works best for the project at hand, often a combination of both. Decoration can be as simple as dipping pieces in glaze buckets, but often includes slip trailing, painting wax resist and/or …

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Helen Bommarito

Helen Bommarito Helen finds her inspiration in the complex simplicity of Japanese arts and thought, where a seemingly simple form or gesture is the distillation of much thought and experience. Teaching children inspired her to explore more whimsical avenues in earthenware and terra cotta, clays that allow a wide range of bright and playful colors. …

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Annie Dyer

Annie Dyer In early 1990’s Annie apprenticed with Master Ceramicist Asako Watanabe in Japan, learning aesthetics and developing the patience to create elegant pottery forms. A turning point in her work came when she discovered the majic of impressing objects into the clay and she settled on organic materials for her impressions. Whether hand formed …

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