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Denise Harrison - Jewelry

Denise Harrison

Denise Harrison / Sterling Echoes Denise Harrison specializes in creating unique and custom-made fine jewelry pieces using high-quality materials such as sterling silver, gold, diamonds, and gemstones that capture and preserve memories. Her creative process involves transforming inspiration from photographs, drawings, or even everyday objects like a glass of beer into wearable pieces of art. […]

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Tyler Haas - Jewelry

Tyler Haas

Tyler Haas / Tyler Haas Designs Tyler’s jewelry is inspired by fantasy elven style as well as the swirling lines of calligraphy. He hand forms and solders sterling silver and 14k gold fill into visually stunning pieces of wearable art that show off the natural beauty of the stones they harbor. His aim is to

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Sara Krempel – Jewelry

Sara Krempel

Sara Krempel For over 45 years, Sara has been working in non-ferrous metals. Her fascination with metal working continues because the number of techniques and the combinations of techniques for working with metal is an endless exploration. Sara Krempel is professor emeritus at Central Oregon Community College where she taught jewelry/metalwork, ceramics and three-dimensional basic

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Anne von Heideken - Jewelry

Anne von Heideken

Anne von Heideken As a child, Anne loved to collect rocks and today she finds herself collecting the treasures to create “wearable art.” Drawn to jewelry making after a trip to the Southwest, Anne became inspired by the Native American women of the Pueblos who work primarily in turquoise, shell, coral and hand carved fetishes.

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Larissa Spafford - Jewelry

Larissa Spafford

Larissa Spafford For as long as she can remember, Larissa has been making some form of jewelry. In 1998, fresh out of high school, she discovered her passion for lampwork glass bead making. She has been happily expressing her creativity and love of color ever since. Larissa has shown her jewelry at juried fine art

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Julia Kennedy - Jewelry

Julia Kennedy

Julia Kennedy After a career as a journalist and a high-tech marketer, Julia indulged her creativity by learning to bead. During the past decade, she has shown her jewelry at many juried art shows across the Northwest. Julia’s art is called beadweaving: sewing tiny and larger beads together with a needle and thread. She uses many

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