Sue Dougherty / Offleash Photography

“Photography is my zen, my time to immerse myself in the present and represent what I see, feel and understand .“   -Sue Dougherty

My love of photography started in my 20’s and has continued throughout the years since.

Photography has truly changed the way I see the world. Noticing details and being able to capture those details and their emotional impact is what I aim to do. Although I truly enjoy many different modes of photography, wildlife photography is what drives my passion. It is a difficult discipline, you never know if or when the animals will appear, how close you will get, if the weather will cooperate, or if the light will be right… it is that uncertainty, the hope that there may be an amazing surprise, that the universe may deliver that really amps the anticipation.

I hope the images you will see here bring joy to your day and wonder to your heart!

Sue Dougherty

Sue Dougherty / Offleash Photography

More About Me

In the past 10 years I have been able to take photography much more seriously in terms of learning my craft, acquiring gear, attending many workshops and doing the one thing that can make all the difference… practice, practice, practice!.

I am a Mom to 2 amazing young adult kids, a wife to my sweet husband, best friend and partner in all things, Mark, and I am a veterinarian and practice referral small animal internal medicine in beautiful Bend, Oregon. My dog family is so important too. We currently have a wonderful rescue pup… bringing love and light, a lot of torn-up stuffed animals and mischief into our home!