Red Chair gallery Storefront

About Red Chair gallery

The Red Chair gallery is a venue for Central Oregon Artists, providing opportunity for the exchange and promotion of fine art and contemporary craft.

It began in early 2010 when a group of Artists saw an opportunity for local Artists to exhibit and sell their wares in a single location. The historic O’Kane Building was just the right place with its expansive windows, leaded glass details and old world character. It represented Bend just as the 30 Artists that joined the gallery also represented Bend and Central Oregon. Many of the original Artists still show their work in this great building.

The Red Chair gallery is an Oregon Limited Liability Company. Both partners are also Artists. With their experienced leadership skills and their own understanding of the arts, they provide the guidance with a hands on approach the gallery deserves.

  • Rita Dunlavy, Managing Partner, Glass and Mixed Media Artist

  • Lise Hoffman-McCabe, Partner, Pastel Artist