Janice Rhodes

Janice is a pastel artist with a fondness for Encaustics which she first took up in 2007 at a workshop. Each piece is an adventure that combines basic design elements and intuition. The end result is often a surprise even for the Artist.

Encaustics is an ancient art that combines bees wax with color and Janice puts her contemporary spin on her paintings to the delight of her fans. 

More About Me

Although I paint in several mediums, I focus on doing work in wax…. encaustics.

Encaustics has been around for centuries, and the love of this medium by artists and art lovers is global. I love the rich vibrant colors and texture of each piece I complete. The process is involved, and technical changes become an event as I work. Truly no two pieces are alike, and no print can be made.

I’ve studied in Mexico City, Berkeley, Santa Fe, Gig Harbor, and elsewhere, refining my work in figurative images. It is not all “work” though, so much of it is fun and filled with the joy of expressive animals…the meaning in landscape images…the beauty of an arrangement of flowers. The use of a beeswax medium has no boundaries in producing art that will last forever.