Peter Roussel / Pottery by Peter

“Each piece becomes a blank canvas and each surface treatment becomes unique unto itself.” – Peter Roussel 

Peter’s pottery is handcrafted using alternative firing techniques to finish all his pottery.  Just like in nature, Peter produces pieces that truly display a range of light to dark rich blues using copper sulfate in a firing process. Peter’s finishing techniques include raku, pit, sagger, and smoke firing along with ferric chloride and copper sulfate which are wrapped in foil and fired to different temperatures to bring out different colors. Some pieces are fired several times. After a piece has cooled and the foil is removed, the true serendipity of playing with nature is revealed.

Peter Roussel

Peter Roussel / Pottery by Peter

More About Me

I started working with clay in the mid-1960s and was taught in a very traditional manner making pottery with traditional stoneware glazes. Studied at San Francisco State University and majored in fine arts. After college, I moved to Mendocino, CA, and set up a ceramic and art program for Clearwater Ranch which managed approximately 200 children ages 4 to 15 who were autistic and wards of the State of California. During this time, I experimented with alternative firing techniques to finish ceramic work and have pursued it ever since.