Dori Kite

Dori is a Bend native, who was introduced to ceramics as part of the art class at Bend High School in 1969. Having always loved making any kind of art, she had found her medium. She worked in ceramics on through college and a degree in Art from Eastern Oregon (never wanted to live in a city) and then was sidetracked for thirty years.

When her son graduated from High School, she got back on track with her favorite medium. “Clay, glazes and firing techniques became much more varied during my hiatus, and I was able to set up a home studio using an electric kiln to fire my work.”  It took some years to find oxidation glazes and surface decoration techniques that she likes working with.

She makes both decorative and functional ceramics and enjoys both wheel throwing and hand building techniques.  She chooses the forming method that works best for the project at hand, often a combination of both. Decoration can be as simple as dipping pieces in glaze buckets, but often includes slip trailing, painting wax resist and/or glazes dribbling/dripping and pouring, as well as speckling through an atomizer. Her goal is to enjoy the process, keep it fresh, and share with others.  “My inspiration is life. There is nothing completely original, but new combinations of things seen and heard in both nature and humanity.”