Diane Rodriguez

Diane Rodriguez finds her inspiration from travel, nature, shapes & textures, as she imagines how she can use elements of needlework to create original pieces. The materials & techniques involved compel her to express her imaginative and boho style self. Seeking out fabrics varying in color, texture, print, design, and origin she brings them together to make distinctive pieces. She then adds embellishments using beads, buttons, embroidery, couching, bobbin work, and found objects – inventing new types of construction and adornment processes along the way. Many of her materials had another life before she discovered them and now have a new identity. Her creations are functional, funky, & individual. 

More About Me

My passion for any form of needlework began at age 6 while watching my mother sew a dress for me. I am self-taught except for learning to crochet from my grandmother. I continued my curiosity about needlework with embroidery, hand appliqué, quilting, home décor sewing, and knitting, along with expanding & creating embellishment techniques. My mind is always filled with fabric choices, color options, embellishment techniques, and assembly revisions