Dan Rider / Dan Rider Sculpture

“Creating one out of the many by balancing every composition defines my artistic signature.“ -Dan Rider
My works reflect compositions that are balanced between nature and man, there is freedom of thought intertwined with structure. Creating unique wall compositions, contemporary outdoor sculptures, totems (ranging 4 to 9 feet tall) for over 30 years.

Cast Concrete Sculpture

Cast concrete ornamental creatures and Jizo’s. 

Jizo is a bodhisattva (a spontaneous wish and a compassionate mind)
primarily revered in East Asian Buddhism and usually depicted as a Buddhist monk. His name may be translated as “Earth Treasury”. The statues are believed to be protectors of children. Dan has designed a Kat Jizo Series for the protection of critters.

Outdoor Sculpture

Drods are contemporary totems ranging 4 to 9 feet tall consisting of assorted combinations of geometric elements. The elements are precast reinforced concrete or hot formed glass. 

Wall Sculpture

Dan Rider

Dan Rider / Dan Rider Sculpture

More About Me

My outdoor series of modern sculpture incorporates my recurring themes using layering of mixed media dimensional elements that can include steel, wood, stone, glass, aluminum or copper, combined with precast reinforced concrete elements.

My contemporary 3d wall sculpture installations utilize wire mesh and perforated sheet metal and a cold connection technique to create representational work reflecting nature. All elements are individually fabricated by hand from design to shaping and to assembly in my new Sisters Studio.

I have a successful history of collaborating with collectors, designers, landscape architects, and art consultants. My work is readily adaptable to both residential and commercial use and can be found in galleries, private collections, corporate offices, healthcare, and hospitality.